Can Plagiarism Checkers Detect Paraphrasing?

In this article we're going to look at plagiarism checkers, their purpose, and if they're able to detect content that has been paraphrased.

First of all, let's take a closer at plagiarism checkers and what they are used for.

Plagiarism checkers are software tools or online apps that will analyze a piece of written content and then compare that content to all the content published on the web to try and identify a match.

Plagiarism checkers don't necessarily look to match the entire piece of content or article. They look for smaller matches that may only be 5-6 words in length. This could be a sentence, or part of a sentence.

Secondly, let's take a look at what 'paraphrasing' is.

Paraphrasing is where you take a piece of content and reword it so that it reads differently, uses different words, and has a different, contextual structure - but retains the same exact meaning.

A paraphrased article will read differently to the original, but will contain the same facts and information as the original article.

So, now let's look at answering the question 'can plagiarism checkers detect paraphrasing'.

The answer is: If a piece of existing written content has been paraphrased properly, it won't be possible for any plagiarism detection software to detect plagiarism.

As mentioned above, plagiarism checkers detect plagiarism by looking for matched 'strings' (also known as text). As the paraphrasing process is all about re-structuring the text so that it reads differently, including the use of different words and synonyms, the two pieces of text will be contextually different.

Therefore, there will be nothing to match.

That's why changing a few words here and there won't prevent plagiarism detection using these tools.

The best, quickest and easiest method of paraphrasing an existing article is to rewrite or paraphrase the article one sentence at a time.

It's much easier to read a single sentence and rewrite it again a different way, than it is to read an entire article and rewrite it in it's entirety from scratch.

You simply paraphrase one sentence at a time and then collate all of those new, rewritten sentences to form a new article.

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You paste in an existing article and it will break it down into individual sentences, allowing you to paraphrase each sentence before collating a brand-new article for you.

This is the best way to create new, unique articles that are well written and unique to Google.

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