Plagiarism Checker Between Two Texts

There's a number of reasons why you may want to compare the uniqueness of two different peices of text. However, ultimately it's because you want to copy information from one peice of text and create a new piece of text using that information - So that it is free from plagiarism.

Many people have different opinions about plagiarism. Some view plagiarism as someone that has copied an idea from an article too tightly without inserting thoughts and ideas of their own. Whilst technically, plagiarism can be removed by simply paraphrasing the original content so that is it contextually different.

Using different synonyms and structuring the sentences differently can ensure that your rewritten content can pass plagiarism checkers.

You really only need to check your text or article for plagiarism if you have copied (to some degree) an existing article or piece of information. If you have written an article from scratch yourself then that will be plagiarism-free.

There's two types of plagiarism checks that you can do.

1) Check for plagiarism between two peices of text or between two different articles.

2) Check for plagiarism between your newly written text (or article), against all the content currently published on the web.

The 1st option is usually for people doing academic writing where they are producing written content for a paper or thesis and are researching their topic, and copying ideas and information, but rewriting it in their own words.

The 2nd option is usually used for people who want to rewrite an existing article they found on the web so that they can get their newly rewritten article indexed and ranked in Google (and the other search engines).

If you're wanting to compare two different texts for plagiarism you can use this free service.

If you're wanting to check your article against all content published on the web (for plagiarism) then I would highly recommend Copyscape. They have a FREE version where you can paste in the URL for your newly written article and it will compare your webpage content against all the other webpages on the web.

If you would like to rewrite an existing article so that it is unique then you can use one of our many article rewriting features built into our RewriterApp software. We also have a built in option that generates a URL that you can paste into Copyscape allowing you to check for plagiarism, without having to publish the content on a website yourself (during the writing stage).

Andy Black