How to do SEO Article Writing?

If there's one thing that you need to know about writing articles with SEO (search engine optimization) in mind, it's that the concept has changed massively in recent times.

What SEO article writing means today, is completely different to what it meant a few years back.

Let me explain.

A number of years ago you could simply write an article that is loosly based on your topic, include your target keyword and there's a good chance that you would rank that article in Google for that keyword.

However, times have changed and Google have improved their algorithm to the degree that they can really get a good understanding on A) What your article or content peice is about. B) The quality of your written article. C) Whether or not your article answers the searchers query.

Take particular attention to 'C'. I'll explain why below.

When evaluating a peice of content, Google no longer look at keywords. Instead they look for semantic words in which they build a theme around to determine what your article is about, and what answers it provides.

They also look at structure and how your sentences and statements are formed to determine areas that provide solutions and provide real value.

Simply having content that is filled with fluff will not perform well in Googles search results.

So, with this in mind there are TWO key factors that you need to consider and execute well when writing articles for SEO.

These factors are:

- Use semeantic words that Google knows are themed around your chosen, target keyword. The keyword you're wanting to rank for in the search results.

- Keep your article tightly focused around answering the searchers query (your target keyword).

Answering the searchers query the best you can and as thoroughly as you can, will massively increase your chances of ranking your article highly in Google.

In 2022 and beyond, this is probably the most important thing you can do when writing articles and blog posts to publish online.

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Happy 'SEO' article writing!