How to Rewrite a Sentence

Learning how to rewrite a sentence will allow you to breakthrough one of the most difficult problems that many internet marketers and bloggers face. Yes, you’ve guessed it. Writing articles and creating plagiarism free content for your websites, blogs or web 2.0 properties.

Writing articles is a skillset that takes a combination of natural talent, academic qualifications and plenty of practice of working with text and words.

However, many of us don’t tick all of those boxes and can therefore struggle to create content or write text for our own blogs and websites.

The only other apparent option is to outsource your article writing tasks which can be costly, particularly if you require a consistent supply of fresh, unique content.

The Solution to Creating Good Content that is Plagiarism Free

The solution is to simplify the writing process taking away the common headaches and pitfalls that article writing brings.

The way in which to do this is to learn how to rephrase and rewrite a sentence - which is essentially paraphrasing.

Rewriting entire articles sentence by sentence is much easier than having to read, digest and fully understand the context of an article – in order to write it again in your own words.

Whilst reading just one sentence and paraphrasing that one sentence is much easier. You do not need to understand the entire article when reading and rewriting just one sentence.

Of course, after rewriting or paraphrasing one sentence you would move on to the next sentence and so on, until your article was complete.

Then you would just collate your newly rewritten sentences to form a brand new, unique article that both reads well and is that is 100% unique to Google and the other search engines.

There are just a few things you need to consider when rewriting a sentence.

The first one is ‘reversing the statement’.

Let me give you an example.

Email marketing has been an effective way to promote your business, products and services.

If we were to reverse that statement it would read:

An effective way to promote your business, products and services is to use email marketing.

Both of those sentences state exactly the same thing but are said in a different order.

Another technique you can apply to your sentence rewriting is to use alternative synonyms. So, let’s take the reversed sentence and replace some of the words with suitable synonyms.

A powerful method to advertise your company, goods and business services is to make use of email marketing.

So, let us compare the original sentence with our new rewritten sentence after we applied these TWO rewriting techniques.

Original version:

Email marketing is an effective way to promote your business, products and services.

And here is the new version:

A powerful method to advertise your company, goods and business services is to make use of email marketing.

As you can see both of these sentences are worded and contextually structured differently. In the eyes of Google both of these sentences will be classified as unique content.

You can also choose to simply read the original sentence and rewrite or reword a completely new sentence in your own words providing you retain the same meaning.

Here is an example of that also.

If you want to market the products and services that your company provides then you can apply effective methods such as email marketing to reach your customers and subscribers.

As you can see this is entirely a new piece of content but the meaning remains the same.

You must retain the meaning of the original sentence as you work through and rewrite them all, otherwise your article will not read ‘quite’ right once you have collated it.

Use Our Online RewriterApp Tool to Rewrite Your Articles and Text

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Rewriting sentences using a manual method

Automatically Rewriting Your Articles and Sentences Using Our RewriterApp Tool

One of the powerful features / tools inside our rewriter software tool allows you to automatically rewrite your articles with the click of a button.

Our software tool can also rewrite your article ‘sentence by sentence’ with a click of a button. This allows you to rewrite any specific sentence within your article by simply clicking a button, and you can rewrite it until you’re happy with it.

Rewriting sentences using a manual method

In the video below you’ll see the automatic ‘sentence by sentence’ rewriting feature demonstrated and also our newly added “Edit Spintax” feature that allows you to manually edit the spintax to customise your spinning / rewriting experience.

Even though the manual way of rewriting sentences using our RewriterApp tool takes longer than the automated way, the quality and uniqueness of your new article will generally be better than the ‘automated’ way.

It’s just a case of whether you want to get the best possible results and invest a little extra time, or go for the instant, hassle free option.

You can learn more about rewriting sentences without changing the meaning here.