Paraphrasing Plagiarism Checker and How to Paraphrase to Pass Any Plagiarism Checker

You’ve probably arrived on this page because you’re interested in learning more about paraphrasing plagiarism checkers and how they are able to detect content.

In this article I’ll share how plagiarism checkers work, and how you can pass plagiarism checks with your rewritten content.

I’ll also share two FREE plagiarism websites where you can check your own content to see if it gets flagged for plagiarism and see how unique it is compared to existing content already published on the web.

How Plagiarism Checkers Work

First of all, let’s take a look at how plagiarism checkers work and how they successfully detect plagiarised content or writing.

They look for a footprint. A pattern that resembles the same pattern in another piece of content.

Imagine having two articles printed out on clear acetate sheets. Imagine if these were identical and you placed one sheet on top of the other. It would look like one article. There would be no text overlapping. It would sit perfectly over the text on the sheet below.

Now imagine if half of the article on one of those clear sheets were rewritten. If you placed both sheets on top of each other, you’d be able to see which text matched, and which text was different – because it would look a mess and be visually apparent.

That’s pretty much how plagiarism checkers work. They look for matching words within groups of text.

A Mistake People Make When Paraphrasing So they Can Pass a Plagiarism Checker

One mistake people make, and it’s a big mistake, is they only change some of the words without changing the structure of the sentence.

Let me show you an example.

Below are TWO sentences that are the same but with a few words changed.

The cat loved to sit on the porch window ledge and look outside, enjoying the afternoon sun.

The cat really enjoyed to sit on the porch window sill and look outward, basking in the afternoon sun.

These two sentences have the same meaning but although some of the words have been changed using different synonyms, the structure remains the same, creating a footprint.

This is the footprint that the plagiarism checker will see:

The cat really enjoyed to sit on the porch window sill and look outward, basking in the afternoon sun.

From that one sentence, you can see there is a huge footprint (shown in red text) and if the other sentences in the article have a similar footprint, not only would plagiarism checkers detect this, Google would too.

Learn to Paraphrase to Pass Plagiarism Checkers – Here’s How

You need to paraphrase the sentence so that it has a completely new structure, not just different words.

There’s only so many of the words you can find suitable synonyms for before the sentence starts to read badly. Therefore we need to change the structure of the sentence, or write an entire new sentence whilst retaining the meaning.

Rather than show you how to do this in this article, I have already covered this topic with real world paraphrasing examples.

You can learn how to rewrite a sentence here or learn to rewrite sentences without changing the meaning here.

How to Check Your Paraphrasing Efforts for Plagiarism?

Two free plagiarism checkers that you can use are Copyscape and Grammarly.

With Copyscape you can upload your text or article to a webpage and paste in the URL, and they will tell you if they have found any content on the web that resembles yours. Alternatively, Grammarly has a good plagiarism checker where you can copy and paste in your written content and it will let you know if it has identified any plagiarism.

How Can I Paraphrase An Entire Article Quickly so that It Passes Any Plagiarism Check?

You can use the FREE version of my RewriterApp software tool to break down and entire article and rewrite it ‘sentence by sentence’. You can follow the instructions given in the linked articles on this page.

By using this method of rewriting and paraphrasing via this paraphrasing tool you will pass any plagiarism checker 100% of the time, and the content will be high quality.

I hope that helps

Andy Black

Owner of RewriterApp